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MSD Textbook Office

The Moraga School District maintains a Textbook Office which is located on the campus of Joaquin Moraga Intermediate School. All textbooks for kindergarten thru 8th grade used by the students of the Moraga School District are state-adopted and approved by the Moraga School District Governing Board. Many of our textbooks are available on CD-ROM/CD-ROM with audio or audio CD; please click the textbook lists for a listing of these books.

Textbooks are checked out to the students at JM on the first three days of each new school year; 6th grade on the first day, 7th grade on the second day, and 8th grade on the third day. Since the 6th graders do not have lockers their textbooks are home books, they should be brought home and not returned until the last week of school. We also have classroom sets of 7th and 8th grade science, social studies and French textbooks; these books are home books and should be brought home and not returned until the last week of school. We recommend that all textbooks (math, literature and Spanish) be covered to ensure their proper care. If a student loses or misplaces a textbook at anytime during the school year they should report that to the Textbook Office and they will receive a replacement copy. Students are responsible for the care of textbooks that are issued to them, therefore, if textbooks are lost or destroyed the students are required to reimburse the District for the cost of the book. This is usually done at the end of the school year since most of the lost textbooks usually appear when textbooks are turned in. Students must pay all fines for lost or damaged textbooks before they receive their yearbooks or report cards.

If you have any questions regarding textbooks you may contact Mrs. Falcone at: or 925-377-4255

JMIS Textbook List click here to view

MSD K-5 Textbook List click here to view


Alberta Falcone

Textbook Coordinator