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7th Grade

Synthetic Product Resources

Plastic Bags

Plastic Bottles

Disposable Diapers




Artificial Sweetener

Synthetic Rubber

Synthetic Fuel

Taxol (Cancer drug)


Synthetic Vanillin (vanilla flavoring)

Citric Acid

Spandex (leggings)


Physostigmine (Glaucoma drug)

Chloroquine (Malaria drug)

Cortisone (Arthritis drug)


Chewing Gum 

Tips for the wave height data table
  • You will need to rotate the globe using the hand tool to continue to be able to see the leading edge of the wave.
  • You will need to estimate the wave height based on the color scale.
  • The crest of the leading wave is positive in height and colored yellow-orange-red. The trough between the waves is negative, because the trough of the waves is lower than the average sea level.
  • Note that the wave height will not change dramatically over time, but it does change! Watch carefully!
  • Your estimate will be based on the color scale bar, which does not have a lot of differentiation. Do your best to estimate the wave height.
  • Notice how the tsunami moves in the open ocean compared to how it moves near islands and continents.