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8th Grade

Internet Links for Computer Labs - 8


Waves - Part 1

Wave Motion

Wave on a String

Transverse, Longitudinal, and Periodic Waves

Periodic Longitudinal Wave

Sound Wave Experiments


Noncontact Forces

Charges and Fields

Balloons and Static Electricity


Using Earth's Magnetic Field


Gravity and Orbits

Projectile Motion



Gravity Force Lab


Noncontact Forces

Charges and Fields

Balloons and Static Electricity


Using Earth's Magnetic Field


Projectile Motion


Crashes and Collisions

PHET Simulation


New Roller Coaster Lab

Amusement Park Physics

Roller Coaster

Action/Reaction Pairs

Build a RollerCoaster

Funderstanding Roller Coaster

Bumper Ducks

Projectile Motion


Practice CAASPP site

Practice site

ADI - Water Policy Project

Phoenix Water Sim Site


GMO Project

AquAdvantage Salmon


Bt Corn

Frost-Resistant Strawberries (agmrc site didn't lead to clear info)

     Research council of Norway     

Golden Rice 

Recombinant Bovine Somatotropin (rBST)     

Roundup Ready Soybeans 

The Flavr SavrTM Tomato

Virus-Resistant Squash 

GFP mice 


Natural Selection

Explorations Through Time 

Which Finch?

Darwin's Evolution Game 


Constellation Project - search for your Star

Star Date - Constellations - Constellations

IAU Constellations - images


Space Systems

Lunar Lander







Wave Motion

Wave on a String

Light and Color

Analog vs. Digital


Space Probe Project

Solar System Exploration (NASA)

NASA Missions A-Z

Solar System Missions (NASA)

Solar System Probes

Planet Information

Asteroids and Comets





Sun Facts

Hubble Site - Black Holes

Sizing Up the Universe


Light and Color Computer Lab

Addition of Color

Color Mixing

Concave Mirrors

Convex Mirrors

Fun House Mirrors


Color Vision

Infrared Zoo

Sizzling Hot Skyscraper

Light Mixer

Optical Illusions

Refraction Game

Genetics Computer Lab

How Characteristics are Inherited

Tasting PTC

Make a Karyotype





Geologic Time


CAST: Science Practice Tests


Simple Machines

Simple Machines Project

Edhead Simple Machines Website #4

username: jmscienceL1 or jmscienceL2 or jmscienceL3 or jmscienceL4 or jmscienceL5

all with password: student123

Once logged in - go to Games -> Member Games -> Simple Machines

Rube Goldberg Web Site

Rube Goldberg Machine Examples

Birdhouse planning - first find a bird that lives in the Bay Area

Chicago Museum of Science and Industry (just for fun)