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Academic Integrity

jmis academic integrity policy

Academic integrity includes completing and submitting work that is entirely the students and giving proper credit when it is not their own. This includes images, homework, class work, projects, essays or tests. Maintaining academic integrity means not plagiarizing, cheating or copying when completing work. Consequences for students who plagiarize, copy or cheat are:

• Parent/guardian will be notified of the academic misconduct by either the teacher or the principal

• Student will receive 0 (zero) credit for the assignment/ test or student can be required to do another similar replacement assignment or exam to demonstrate accurate evidence of learning, the student can be required to retake or resubmit the work. If retaking or resubmitting the work is allowed, the student must complete any work on his/her own time and will receive partial credit

• Participation in extracurricular activities may be suspended