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Dear New JM 6th Graders,

I am really looking forward to meeting all of you.   Becoming a middle schooler is a pretty exciting step, even during this funky 2020 year.  I'm sure you have many questions about how this year will look at school.  Know that every sixth grader--and I mean each peer--is uncertain as well.  You are not alone.  What I can tell you for sure is that I truly believe it will be easier.  Really.  You will only have three classes during any academic quarter.  That's only three teachers and three Google Classrooms, and you will take them with mostly the same kids the first quarter.  So, three is a good number, right?  Very doable!

We'll take things very slowly the first couple of weeks, and our main focus will be on getting to know each other.  Some games.  Some silly contests.  Some sharing in a very no stress way.

We'll all have some tech glitches at first.  With some humor and patience, we'll quickly create a fun community together.  To get a jump on how to make this new DL school start a success, click on the presentation to the right for some ideas.

See you all on Wednesday, August 12.

Ms. Cortright


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