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8th Grade

Internet Links for Computer Labs - 8

CAST: Science Practice Tests


Atomic Theory & Structure Lab


Periodic Poster Project - Computer Lab


Types of Chemical Bonds Lab


Balancing Equations 101 Computer Lab

Science Spot

Balancing Equations Game

Carbon Compounds Computer Lab

World of Molecules

Carbon Module

Organic Chemistry Computer Lab

Carbon Based Molecules

Chemistry of Carbon

History of Polymer and Plastics

Heating Plastics Game

Element Hangman



New Roller Coaster Lab

Amusement Park Physics

Coaster Creator

Funderstanding Roller Coaster

Discovery - Build a Roller Coaster

Projectile Motion

Pressure Computer Lab

An Ocean of Air Pressure

Deep Ocean Scuba Diving Problems

How does a submarine dive

Tornado website

Parts of an Airplane

What makes an Airplane Fly?

Density Lab

Other Pressure Sites (OLD)

Deep Ocean Scuba Diving Problems

How Does a Submarine Dive?

Fire a Torpedo

Pressure at Depth

Density Lab

Atmospheric Pressure

Hydraulic System

How Deep Can They Go



Astronomy Computer Lab

Sizing Up the Universe

Lunar Lander


Simple Machines

Simple Machines Project

Edhead Simple Machines Website #4

username: jmscienceL1 or jmscienceL2 or jmscienceL3 or jmscienceL4 or jmscienceL5

all with password: student123

Once logged in - go to Games -> Member Games -> Simple Machines

Rube Goldberg Web Site

Rube Goldberg Machine Examples

Birdhouse planning - first find a bird that lives in the Bay Area

Chicago Museum of Science and Industry (just for fun)



Cephalopods Research Computer Lab

Giant Squid
Squid Diagram
Invertebrates - Squid
Squid and Octopus
Squid Quiz

Investigating Biological Compounds

Carbon Cycle Game

Synthetic Materials Research

Plastic Bags

Plastic Bottles

Disposable Diapers

Synthetic Fiber and Cloth (Polyester, Nylon, Rayon)



Artificial Sweetener

Synthetic Rubber

Synthetic Fuel

Taxol (Cancer drug)

Physostigmine (Glaucoma drug)

Chloroquine (Malaria drug)

Cortisone (Arthritis drug)



Chewing Gum