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Ms. Lockett Locker
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My Schedule for 2021-2022

1st period -  8th grade

2nd period - 7th grade

3rd period - 7th grade

4th period - 8th grade

5th period - 8th grade

6th period - prep

7th period - Yearbook

Ms. Lockett

Ms. Lockett

This will be my 20th year teaching Science at JM. I really enjoy teaching science and watching students develop their interest in science. I grew up in Los Angeles and came up north for college at UC Berkeley where I majored in Environmental Science and Integrative Biology. I have stayed in the Bay area ever since.  I went back to Cal and got my credential and Masters in Education specifically for science education.  I enjoy traveling, camping, and seeing our amazing planet. Besides teaching I also volunteer many hours helping the YMCA.

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Enrichment Options
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Other Websites


Ed1stop site - login: klockett_stu password: science


My pyramind - Nutrition information


JUNK raft - plastics assembly website

Current Events

Current Events are due once a semester and have an oral component to them.

See the lockers on Science 7 and Science 8 for the handout.

Good places to start: (check the date, topic, and length!)

Science Daily

Science News for Students

NASA Science News

Science Live News

Note: The grades for the Current Events will not be published until after the final due date for that semester. Students can check their number of questions and tweet sheets for the oral presentations on a sheet in Room 32.

Also Current Events are long term assignments so they are due on the due date for full credit no matter what. If they are not turned in that day they are late and will receive late credit.

Current Events MUST be turned in via Google Classroom for full credit.