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Schedule for 2017- 2018

Period 1: Science 6

Period 2: Science 6

Period 3: PLTW Robotics

Period 4: Prep for NGSS

Period 5: Prep

Period 6: Science 8

Period 7: Science 8

Mrs. Standring
Stonehenge 2009

Mrs. Standring

Mrs. Standring
Mrs. Standring

What I teach!

This year I will teach 6th  Science and the PLTW Robotics/ Engineering Elective. 


6th grade: Next Generation Science-integrated model covering density/volume, atmosphere, climate, living things, and human body systems.


PLTW Robotics and Engineering: Includes introduction to of mechanical and electrical engineering, and computer programming skills.

What I Coach!

8th grade Girls Volleyball!