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Schedule for 2021 - 2022

Period 1: Robotics

Period 2: Prep

Period 3: Science 8

Period 4: Science 6

Period 5: Science 8

Period 6: Science 6

Period 7: Science 6

Mrs. Standring
Stonehenge 2009

Mrs. Standring

What I teach!

This year I will teach 6th  and 8th grade Science and   Robotics!

6th grade: Next Generation Science-integrated model covering measurement, atmosphere, climate and climate change, cells (living vs non-living things), genetics, traits, and human body systems.

8th grade: Thermal, Kinetic and Potential Energy, Non-collision Forces, Collision Forces, Mechanical waves and Waves for Information Transfer Light, Sun-Earth- Moon Systems, The Solar System and beyond, History of Life on Earth, Evolution, and Human Impact on Evolution.

Robotics  Includes introduction to of mechanical and electrical engineering, and computer programming skills.