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Ms. Lichti

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My Philosophy/Background

Welcome parents and students to my classroom.  I'm looking forward to teaching your child this year and meeting you as well.  First, some background on me.  I have been a classroom teacher for 30 years.  Nineteen of those years have been here in Moraga, the first 11 in Fairfield.  All 30 years have been teaching 7th and 8th grade English. In addition, I am now in my second year of teaching 6th Foods in the Wheel and also teaching the 7/8th Foods Elective Class.  My B.A. is in English, I have a teaching credential from Hayward State, and a masters degree in Humanities from San Francisco State.  Second, why I do what I do.  I love teaching!  Whenever someone asks me what level I teach and I respond middle school, there is always one of two responses, "You're crazy." or "You're an angel."  I just smile.  I think teaching middle school is fun, never the same experience twice.  From the 6th graders who are getting their feet wet, to the 7th graders who are starting to be independent, to the 8th graders who need help bridging to high school, middle school provides an important learning experience for all.