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Ms. Tondi's Locker
11/30/16 7:56 AM
5/4/20 11:08 AM
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Our Classroom

Room 32

A Learning Community - In our class there are many different backgrounds, values, experiences, skills, and ways of thinking represented. We will make use of these differences to learn from one another. In order to take full advantage of the collective intelligence and experiences of this learning community, much of the work we do here will be done collaboratively. It will be very important to become comfortable with your classmates, be open-minded to new ideas, and listen respectfully and politely to each other. I am excited to get started with our science adventures!  

Jelly at the Monterey Bay Aquarium
A Little About Me


This is my 8th year teaching science at JM. I studied marine biology and science education at UC Santa Cruz. I enjoy learning and teaching about marine ecosystems and conservation biology. I am looking forward to another great year in science. 

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns as they come up throughout the year. 

JM Celebrates Pride Month

Otters snuggling
Sea Otters are a keystone species in the Monterey Bay Ecosystem.

Current Events

Find the handouts for your grade in my "locker" on the left of this webpage.

Click here to go to Google Classroom to turn in the current event assignment!

Good places to start: (check the date, topic, and length!)

Science Daily

National Geographic News

Science News for Students

Current Events are long term assignments so they are due on the assigned presentation date.