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6th Grade Electives Video 2018-2019
electives and teachers 2017-2018

Coding and Wheel Computers - Jason Blalock

French 1a and 1b, Debate - Jill Gavello

Spanish 1a and 1b - Irene Contreras

Foods - Jill Lichti

Bands, Orchestras, Choir - Adam Noel

Yearbook - Kim Lockett

Leadership - Kristin Anderson

Robotics - Debbie Standring

Wheel Art, Video Production, Animation, Ceramics - Karen Wesler

Wheel Earth Stewardship - Dawn Lezak

Math Competitions and Magic of Electrons- Karlene Steelman

Design and Modeling - Victor Zerpa

Debate - Robin Anderson




Contact Mr. Blalock  Mr. Blalock (925) 377-4250 Teacher
Contact Ms. Contreras  Ms. Contreras (925) 377-4246 Teacher
Contact Ms. Gavello  Ms. Gavello (925) 377-4247 Teacher
Contact Mrs. Lezak  Mrs. Lezak (925) 377-4241 Core Teacher
Contact Ms. Lichti  Ms. Lichti (925) 377-4245 Teacher
Contact Ms. Lockett  Ms. Lockett (925) 377-4252 Science Teacher
Contact Mr. Noel  Mr. Noel (925) 376-0937 Teacher
Contact Mrs. Standring  Mrs. Standring (925) 377-4248 Science Teacher
Contact Ms. Steelman  Ms. Steelman (925) 377-4234 Teacher
Contact Ms. Moose Wesler  Ms. Moose Wesler (925) 377-4254 Teacher
Contact Mr. Zerpa  Mr. Zerpa (925) 377-4235 Teacher