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Dress Code

dress code

Use common sense and do not wear clothing that is distracting, offensive, dangerous, or exposes too much skin. School is a place of learning and students should wear clothing that is suitable for the pursuit of learning. The staff is interested in the cleanliness and health of each student and request that parents support our interest.  A child’s appearance is a part of their self esteem and peer acceptance, and is, therefore, part of their total educational and social development. Specific dress code violations include:

 Tops and blouses: Must not expose midriff, underwear, or cleavage.  Must have straps at least 1 1/2 inches wide.

Shorts and Skirts:  Minimum inseam length of 12 centimeters.  May not be torn or have holes.

General regulations: No sexual, drug related, alcohol related, derogatory or inflammatory messages may be worn.  Pants may not drag on the floor or have tears or holes above mid-thighs.  Bare feet are not permitted.  Hats are only permitted to be worn outside during the instructional day.  Heels must not be more than 2 inches.

 If at any time a student’s dress is such that it disrupts the educational program, the student shall be required to change into proper attire. Students not following these guidelines will be required to immediately change clothing and will lose lunch recess privileges. 

  • A second offense will result in a change of clothing, parent contact and detention. 

  • A third offense will result in a change of clothing, Friday detention and a parent conference.


eighth grade graduation dress code

Eighth Grade Graduation Dress includes, in addition to the regular school day dress code:

  • Dresses of a youthful nature, no longer than tea length (mid-calf), no shorter than five inches above the knee; no backless, strapless or halter dresses or dresses with spaghetti straps; dress shoes with less than 3 inch heels.

  • Slacks, no jeans; collared shirt and tie; sweater or jacket optional; no athletic shoes or sandals.  Tuxedos are inappropriate and discouraged.