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Community Service


What is BRIDGES?

Bridges is a PTA program that organizes on and off campus community service activities for JMIS students throughout the school year.  The Bridges website also provides a list of service opportunities with independent community organizations. 6th and 7th grade students can earn their required service hours either by participating in Bridges activities or by volunteering independently with other community organizations. During the past school year, nearly 500 JM students completed over 3000 hours of volunteer service through Bridges activities and volunteering with other local charity organizations.    For more information about the Bridges program, please go to the Bridges page on the JM PTA website

ECO Club (Environmental Conservation Organization)

This club is in its 3rd year at JM. 8 teachers work together with students to help our school become a greener school. This year we are focusing on our new food waste program. We have created 3 ECO centers for recycling, trash, and food waste collection during brunch and lunch time. Our food waste is being collected and taken to a water waste treatment plant in Oakland where it is helping to create methane gas which is used to power the plant. Each day one teacher, 2-3 students, and 1-2 parents help monitor these centers to make sure the food waste is being collected properly.

The ECO club meets every other Wednesday. Students work together to create lunch time activities for the school. These include 'Green Movie Screenings', Earth Week events, and any new ideas that come up this year. The club also participates in multiple 'Green Summits' during the year where we get to meet with similar clubs at OIS and Stanley and share ideas. New members are always welcome. See the schoolloop calendar for future events.