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Safe School Ambassadors

The "Safe School Ambassadors" program empowers leaders from the diverse groups and cliques on campus and equips them with nonviolent communication and intervention skills to stop bullying and violence among their peers.

The SSA program:

  • Reduces bullying, including cyberbullying
  • Increases student reporting to adults
  • Reduces put-downs, harassment and fighting
  • Improves school climate
  • Reduces gang involvement and activity

The Safe School Ambassadors program is:

  • Research-based, field-tested, logic model
  • An effective anti-bullying and violence-prevention program
  • Student-centered
  • Focused on social norms change
  • Cost-effective
  • The program identifies and selects student leaders from diverse groups across the campus and forms them into a team of Safe School Ambassadors. Ambassadors are trained in the skills of nonviolent communication.

Why the Safe School Ambassadors program is student-centered:

Students are in the best position to intervene because:

  • Students see, hear and know things that adults don’t
  • Students can intervene in ways adults can’t
  • Students are often the first to arrive on the scenes of most incidents before adults even know about the incidents
  • Students determine the social norms–what’s OK and what’s not–while adults set the rules, policies and consequences

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