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Social Studies/History


Social Studies 7:  (full year course)

This course is a continuation of the 6th grade course of study, beginning with the Roman Empire through the development of civilizations of the Islamic World, Africa, China, Japan, Europe and Civilizations of the Americas.  Students will investigate origins of law, government, religions, banking, literature, art, music, primary sources and artifacts, global movements and effects of technology.  Students will be actively involved in the study of historic periods to make past events and decisions more understandable.

Social Studies 8: (full year course)

In accordance with the state of California standards, this course explores our nation’s history, from its founding through the end of the 19th century.  Focus will be on the major events and ideas shaping our nation, including the creation of our Constitution, the exploration and settlement of the West, development of our political system and the Civil War and its aftermath.  Using a variety of activities, students will be introduced to the contributions of many individuals and groups.

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