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English Language Arts (ELA) 

ELA in the Moraga School District is uniquely and developmentally taught at three progressive levels to solidly prepare all of our students for the rigorous demands of high school. Sixth grade students take language arts with social studies in a three period set of classes, known as core (See Department - Core). Seventh grade students take two periods of ELA, with quality time to cover the many facets of the ELA program beginning the transition to high school. Our eighth grade students take one period of ELA, just like the high school, with a strong emphasis on essay writing.

The California Language Arts Standards covered at JM ELA include:

  • Reading: word analysis, fluency, and systematic vocabulary development; reading comprehension (focus on information materials); literary response and analysis
  • Writing: writing strategies: writing applications (genres and their characteristics)
  • Conventions: written and oral English language conventions; listening and speaking strategies; speaking applications (genres and their characteristics)

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  Ms. K. Anderson (925) 377-4239 ELA Teacher
  Ms. Cortright (925) 377-4238 Core Teacher
  Ms. Detter (925) 289-8035 ELA Teacher
  Mrs. Gruen (925) 377-4241 Core Teacher
  Genevieve Huttman Learning Center Teacher
  Ms. Lichti (925) 377-4245 ELA Teacher
  Mrs. Muldoon Core Teacher
  Leann Nixdorff Teacher
  Mr. Wayne (925) 377-4230 ELA Teacher